Our Mission

According to the World Health Organization, over 4 billion people lack access to safely managed sanitation, which is a statistic that disproportionately hinders the livelihoods of women, girls and other marginalized groups globally. In response to this reality, our growing mission is to amplify more diverse voices and inclusive innovations in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and global health sectors through the lens of research, design and education because #everybodypoops.

Our Journey

Universal access to improved sanitation infrastructure is our #WishforWASH.

March 2014

The SafiChoo toilet concept, created by a senior design team, wins First Place and People’s Choice at the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Competition — the largest undergraduate invention competition in the United States.

May 2014

The original senior design team pilots the first iteration of the SafiChoo toilet in the Kakuma refugee camp with the Norwegian refugee council, under the auspices of Sanivation.

September 2014

Creative Loafing, an Atlanta publication, votes Wish for WASH the “Startup Most Likely to Change the World”.

January 2015

Wish for WASH wins the Georgia Tech CEE ForeCast Video Competition, a contest that encourages students to solve global challenges through innovative engineering.

March 2015

Wish for WASH and some of the initial senior design team are sponsored to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference in Miami, Florida.

April 2015

Wish for WASH Founder and President, Jasmine Burton, talks about empathic design at TEDxAtlanta.

June 2015

Wish for WASH holds a fundraiser in conjunction with World Water Relief, which seeks to provide people everywhere with safe water.

December 2015

Wish for WASH successfully completes its first crowdfunding campaign to support its 2016 beta product pilot and toilet tests.

June 2016

Wish for WASH embarks on the 2016 beta pilot in Zambia.

July 2017

Wish for WASH completes the container-based toilet project with Global Growers.

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October 2017

Wish for WASH publishes the Zambian Toilet Pilot Report.

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May 2018

The Wish for WASH team leads a Design Thinking class for an Off Grid Toilet Design with Atlanta high schoolers.

October 2018

Wish for WASH publishes the Toilet Design Thinking Class Learning Report.

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March 2019

Wish for WASH conducted it's first WASH-related Design Jam in partnership with OpenIDEO, the Design Bloc and Fusion 360.

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December 2019

Wish for WASH celebrated its 5th Birthday with our 5 Year Impact Report

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Our Services

In addition to product development, Wish for WASH seeks to further advocate and educate about human centered design, global sanitation, health equity, and social entrepreneurship by means of consultative projects. Check out some educational resources below that we have either been a part of or just see as important findings, viewpoints and practices related to these topics that we greatly value. These resources are intended to educate, equip, and inspire further positive action. Please reach out to us via the contact button if you are interested in our consultation services for your project!

Our Team

We are also indebted to numerous other Georgia Tech students, faculty, and alumni who have greatly contributed to our growth.

Jasmine Burton

Executive Director & Founder

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Margie Peng

Art Director

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Maisoon Chowdhury

Strategy Consultant

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Anya Smith-Roman

Co-Director of Design Thinking

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Abigail Emerson

Co-Director of Design Thinking

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Lindsey Kerr

Design Researcher

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Tamara Renno

Co-Director of Student Engagement and Community-Based Instructional Design Lead

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Prerana Kumar

Co-Director of Student Engagement and Circular Sanitation Research Lead

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Brianna Milks

Biomedical Engineering Lead

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Jodi Dowis

Mechanical Engineering Lead

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Diene Kaba

Social Media Coordinator

Kaitlyn Brown

Web Developer

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Emma Rary

Public Health Research Co-Lead

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Sarah Anderson

Public Health Research Co-Lead

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Sarah Blake

Design Thinking Associate

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Simrill Smith

Design Thinking Associate

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Agam Singh

Design Thinking Associate

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